Wedding Party

Miranda Sheetz

Maid of Honor

I am Taylor’s little sister (by 16 months!) which makes me the youngest of six kids. As you can imagine a big household means lots of chaos, but since the day I was born Taylor has been right by my side. She is my absolute best friend and I am so happy she has found her partner in life. I love the time I get to spend with Taylor and Scott. From countless visits to Philadelphia and crashing on their couch, to late pub nights at our parents house, and of course I can always count on Scott for an incredible home cooked meal.
I will be traveling from just down the road where I live with my bulldog, Bruce. I own and operate a small lifestyle shop in State College, PA called Ethereal. I’m also a certified meditation teacher and hope to someday share this practictice with children. Taylor and Scott, I am so unbelievably happy for you two and can’t wait to celebrate your special day!

Dave Foreman

Best Man

I was born and raised under the same roof as Scott locally in the Altoona/Hollidaysburg area. After graduating from Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2019 a business partner and myself moved back to the area to develop our general contracting business. I look forward to each project and enjoy working with homeowners to give them what they dream of. Being family oriented, I am happy to be in this area. Scott and I first met before I was able to develop memories, but ever since I can remember they have been filled with him. He was always, and still is my best friend. We have traveled many places together both in the states and internationally, all of which are filled with some incredible stories. Though we may not see each other as often as once before, we remain in close contact regularly and always have a date planned to see each other. Sharing a life with Scott is a profound blessing, we continue to develop each other in ways only a brother can.

Allie Sheetz


I first met Taylor when she rocked her way into this world and unseated me as the “baby” of the family back in 1993 - no hard feelings though, she only held the title herself for about 16 months. Since then, it’s been a thrill and a delight to witness her evolution and the ways she not only shaped our family, but the world around her with an unmistakable flare.
I’ve often commented that Taylor lives her life like a walking exclamation point, and I mean that in the best possible way. My life with Taylor has been wild and at times tumultuous, but never dull. She’s undeniable in any room, while also having a knack for encouraging others to shine just as bright. Of course, if you’re reading this, you no doubt already know this to be true.
I believe we create our own happiness in this life, and Taylor has always been a champion in that regard, but something about Scott walking into the picture amplified things just a bit (more than a bit). To see them together, and the life they’re creating, is to see what a true partnership looks like - celebrating and challenging each other, and helping each to grow into more fuller versions of themselves. It’s something I only get to witness every once in a while these days, as I live and go to school at Ohio State, working towards my dream of becoming a veterinarian (for Newman, of course). Luckily I’ll have the rest of my life to watch how their love story unfolds. Can’t wait ❤️

Dan Combs


I met Scott through Penn State’s fraternity system, even though we belonged to separate fraternities. We landed our first jobs post graduation in Philly and decided to bunk up with fellow groomsman, Ethen, in our first “real life” apartment. It wasn’t that real life in retrospect.
We’ve shared many fond memories over the years living in the City of Brotherly Love. I have also had the pleasure of growing a friendship with Taylor during this time; she, Scott, Carly (my girlfriend), and I have spent many hours together testing the Philly restaurant scene, throwing back drinks in friends’ apartments, and arranging play dates for our dogs, Newman and Rex.

Brie Capece


Taylor and I both spent our college years at HPU, and somehow didn’t cross paths until our senior year. Being the only 2 seniors in our group, our friendship bloomed when we instantly bonded over how difficult it was to spend one of our last semesters of college away studying abroad in Oxford.  We quickly got over that, and had the time of our life spending countless nights in English Pubs & adventures to a different European city every weekend. Taylor and I have shared some of the most incredible memories that brought us from being just classmates to the best of friends.  Although life gets busy, I'm lucky enough to live just a short drive away from Scott, Taylor & Newman, and am always looking forward to my next visit to get some zen in Taylor's yoga class. I’m over the moon for Taylor and Scott and the love they have found, and can’t wait to share the most amazing memories in the year ahead for Taylor & Scott’s Wedding!

Ethen Ostroff


I am a Philly suburb raised sports fanatic. I grew up in Lansdale and Blue Bell, PA and went to Penn State for undergrad and Drexel for Law School. I am an advocate for injured victims due to no fault of their own. I geek out to blockchain and love to help people with day to day legal problems they face.
Scott and I met in our Junior year at Penn State. We were both elected to the governing board of the Greek community at Penn State (otherwise known as the Interfraternity Council or “IFC”). On the first night after we were elected to the IFC, we instantly knew that we were destined to be friends. From that moment to today, Scott and I lived together for two years in Philadelphia with another groomsman Dan Combs and still, to this day, never gotten in a serious argument about anything. Scott is a caring, kind and loyal person who I am lucky to call one of my best and few life-long friends. Over the past few years, I have also spent a ton of time with Taylor and have grown close with her as well. I also am a huge fan of Newman and am hoping to get a dog of my own soon!

Gallagher Foxworthy


Taylor and I first met freshman year in college, and the friendship that has developed since has expanded to over four countries and strengthened into a deeper understanding of each other as well as ourselves. Young Tay and Gal adventured the streets of High Point, bonding over our mutual weirdness and connection to things beyond ourselves. Taylor and I’s relationship transformed the year she and some of our gal pals came to my hometown in the Dominican Republic. Going through one of the hardest times in my life, Taylor held my hand and supported me as I worked through some heavy stuff. One of my favorite qualities of Taylor’s is her ability to empathize and place judgments aside to be present for the ones she cares for. Little did I know then that post-grad she’d hold my hand once more through another one of life’s inevitable obstacles. Last year, Taylor and I travelled across the world to Bali, Indonesia for an adventure that changed both of us beyond comprehensible words. Taylor, thank you for always creating space for me to be me, and for letting me experience the truest parts of your soul and trusting me with all that you are. I cannot wait for the life that is about to unfold with Scott and the family you are going to create together. The best gift you can give children is a happy, healthy marriage. You are here to move mountains, change lives, and make the world a better place. I am eternally grateful to be able to stand with you on your day and look forward to standing with you for the rest of them!

Jeremy Blatstein


I knew that Scott was the one after our first dinner together. September 23, 2012 at the Corner Room in State College. It was rush week at Penn State and I had the very important job of recruiting Scott to join our fraternity, Theta Delta Chi, where we would eventually become brothers and spend 2 years living under the same roof. Fast forward to March 1, 2018, I was given another honor of introducing Scott to Riverside Capital, a global investment firm where we spent a brief time as co-workers in neighboring departments.
Scott has played an integral role in my life ever since the night of that first dinner, and our friendship has continued to strengthen over our time together at PSU, Riverside and - as of most recently - living close by in Philly. From countless late nights in Club C to grooming him into my successor as president of our fraternity (an election in which he crushed by the way, as Scott does when he puts his mind to something), Scott has become a life-long friend and I would not be the person I am today without his guidance and advice. However, the person who I admire and respect the most is Taylor. She is one of the strongest people I know and genuinely cares about people.
I grew up in Abington, PA and currently live in Philadelphia after stops in Bethesda, MD and Atlantic City. I now work as a Controller for a real estate development company. You will find me at the wedding tearing up the dance floor.

Kirsten Hight


I met Taylor in 2011 at High Point University. She showed up unannounced (and uninvited) at my dorm room before a night out to which, shortly after meeting her, I decided -let’s be best friends. Nine years later, regardless of distance, the statement still applies. Many of the best days of my life involve Taylor. Living together in the “Looney Bin”, nights out, nights in, many trips and visits, there are truly too many occasions to count. I am so happy to have walked beside her through many phases of life, and I’m so honored to walk beside her this coming September. Scott is absolutely Taylor’s perfect match, and I am thrilled for them. I will be traveling to the wedding from Washington DC where I work in medical device sales. You will easily identify me the day of the wedding as I will have a constant stream of happy tears running down my face.

Nathan Detwiler


Scott is a lifelong friend—I grew up in Penn Farms, just a short bike ride from the Foreman’s home. We have shared so many experiences and memorable moments (from spending the summers landscaping to our weekends dreaming of our future success). I feel truly blessed to be a part of Scott and Taylor’s big day! I currently reside in Arlington, Virginia, and will graduate from the Antonin Scalia Law School in May with a concentration in antitrust law. Next fall, I will begin my career in private practice in Washington D.C.

Lauren Stanicek


Taylor and my story began in the early days of freshman year at college. Our bond quickly formed and we eventually moved in together as roommates junior and then again senior year. Our townhome was shared amongst seven girls (including MOH Miranda and bridesmaid Kirsten) which was eventually named “The Looney Bin” for our collection of uniquely eccentric personalities. Each of the roommates had their own individual connection with the other – whether it was through activity, humor, academics, etc. With Taylor, the connection I shared with her was through conversation. I found our way of thinking was often parallel. What I value most of my relationship with Taylor is our ability to understand each other on a philosophical level. This connection has remained strong post-graduation, unaffected by distance – her residing in Philly and me in Chicago. One of my favorite memories with Taylor was visiting her family home while assisting her sister Miranda open her State College boutique, Ethereal. I was able to spend time with the Sheetz family and witness examples of Taylor being an exceptional daughter, sister and aunt. I, surely amongst many others, am looking forward to watching her excel at her next chapter of being a wife.

T.J. Keefer


I’ve been blessed and cursed to know Scott most of my life. We first met when I was on a neighborhood walk with my mom at age four. Paula and Scott happened to be outside their house. We stopped to say hello, Scott and I hit it off, and we’ve been close friends ever since. I have many lifetime memories with Scott (some of which should probably not be mentioned- come see me for more details). As highshool ended we went our separate ways, but stayed great friends. I attended the University of Massachusetts while playing football, and I ended my schooling with a biology degree from Slippery Rock University. I have since moved to Tampa, FL and work as an orthopedic sales rep. Even though we live many states apart, Scott and all of the Foreman’s will always be considered family.

Meghan Mcintyre


A fellow Hollidaysburger, I am currently living in Philadelphia working in sales. I met Taylor 20+ years ago at Penn Mont Montessori school and Scott, well, we share a first cousin so we have always been “family”. Let’s not forget Newman, we share a birthday. I’ve had the privilege of growing up with both of these wonderful humans and could not be luckier to have continued our friendship over the years. From basement raves in high school to exploring Philadelphia as roomies and starting our careers after college, it has been such a fun adventure watching your relationship grow. Thank you for including me in countless date nights, sharing lots of laughs and so many great memories. Friendships like these are few and far between- I could not be more excited to be a part of your big day!

Tyler Miller


I was born and raised in Lancaster, PA. After graduating from Penn State University in 2011, I moved to New York City to begin a career in Sourcing and Merchandising at Macy’s Inc., where I still live and work today. My favorite things about the city are the museums, rooftops, bottomless brunches, and the close proximity to the beach.
I first met Scott during our freshman year of college while pledging our fraternity. We struck up an immediate friendship that first night, and remained close friends throughout the rest of college, and in subsequent years. We vacationed together in the Caymen Islands during our Sophomore year, and to this day I have more stories from that trip than any other. Although we can’t frequently see each other, whenever we get together it’s like nothing has changed, and we pick up exactly where we left off.


distinguished guest

Hi, I'm Newman, a charming young doodle with a heart of gold. Life with my mom and dad (you might know them as Taylor & Scott) has been full of good times and tail wags, and after two years together I remain the center of their world. Sure, they can be a little clingy, but I don't mind the attention. After all, I am a very good boy.
Our adventure began in Frankfort, Indiana where we met and became forever family. Since then I've kept them busy with lots of activities, from long hikes on the weekends to late-night zoomies, followed up with snuggly mornings in bed. My favorite game is keep-away and my favorite food is peanut butter. Did I mention I'm a very good boy?
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding, which just so happens to be at my favorite place in the whole wide world. I'll be the one with the flower crown (unless my dad can help it) and my tongue most-likely hanging out of my mouth.
Susan Moyal